Important Warranty Information

Warranty Brands Serviced

We provide authorized warranty repair services for the following brands:  

  • Allen & Heath
  • Fostex
  • Kurzweil Pro
  • Randall 
  • Eden 
  • Marshall
  • Soundcraft
  • JBL
  • Crown
  • DBX
  • Digitech
  • QSC

Warranty Requirements

All manufacturers require a purchase receipt from an authorized dealer in order to provide warranty service. The receipt must indicate the name of the authorized dealer the gear was purchased from and the date of purchase.

All manufacturers will only cover repairs under warranty that are the result of a manufacturer defect. 

The diagnostic evaluation performed includes the technician ascertaining whether the problem is the result of a manufacturers defect or caused by an act of nature (e.g. power surge, lightening strike, water etc.) or customer misuse/abuse.  See coverage section for more info.

We only work within manufacturer warranties and do not manage extended warranties or additional coverage policies purchased from outside vendors or dealers.


Please be aware if the technician completes a diagnostic evaluation on your gear and no problem is found/it is working as designed, manufacturer warranty will not cover charges for the evaluation. You will be responsible for paying  the diagnostic evaluation fee. This occurs more often than you would think therefore it is very important that you preform testing on your gear to ensure you have isolated the problem to that specific piece of gear before you bring it in for repair.  Read the owners manual, research the issue online, verify cabling is good and so on.

If after a diagnostic evaluation is completed the technician determines the problem is not the result of a manufacturer defect neither the evaluation nor repair will be covered under warranty. We do understand the frustration you feel when this occurs. We will contact you prior to performing any repair with the evaluation results and an estimate on the repair. If you decide to proceed with the repair you will be responsible for paying for the evaluation and the repair


The customer is responsible for any costs associated with shipping gear to our service center for warranty repair.  If the repair is covered under warranty the manufacturer will pay for return shipping back to you.

If you physically bring gear to our service center for warranty repair but want it shipped back to you when complete you must provide the appropriate shipping materials.   If you have the original packaging that is usually perfect for return shipping.  If you don't it is critical that you provide a box that is sturdy and large enough to fit the gear and several inches all around the gear for protective packaging like bubble wrap.

Non Warranty Repair Information

Brands Serviced

We repair most brands of professional audio gear including but not limited to following:

  • Neve
  • ATR
  • Mackie
  • Peavey
  • API
  • Yamaha
  • Neumann
  • Korg
  • Vox
  • KV2
  • Alesis
  • Fender
  • Tascam/Teac (Professional units only - No consumer products)

If you don't see a brand listed just give us a call and ask.

We do not repair consumer audio equipment like stereo receivers, home turntables, Radio Wave Transmitters, CD Recorders & Players or most small consumer type speakers (e.g. JBL Flip3).

Repair Warranty & Testing Requirement

All repairs have a warranty of 30 days from completion of the repair. Technicians test all equipment upon completion of repair. It is the responsibility of the customer to check and or use the equipment as soon as possible either in the shop prior to leaving or as soon as possible after leaving.  

  • If same problem exists within 30 days of repair contact us immediately to make arrangements to bring back for additional repair.
  • Customers not checking and or using equipment within 30 days of repair completion & then after 30 days reporting the same problem will be charged for new repair per normal labor rates and parts cost.